Little Man

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Recently, my boyfriend and I went on vacation. Kat looked after our kitty, "Little Man". She visited him every day, made sure he had plenty of food & water, and even played with him for a while so he didn't get too lonely :) She fed our two fish as well. The result? When we came home, our cat was in a great mood! He sometimes pulls his fur out due to stress when we leave for vacation, but he had all his fur when we got home. Thanks Kat for taking such good care of our Little Man! ;-)

-Susan Larson


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Great job keeping our Zoe happy and healthy, without the need for expensive kenneling!

-Kirk A.


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Got home. Both guys in very mellow mood! Thank you! House looks great too!

-Centerville Resident

Yma & Zucco

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Happiness abounded when we got home, the kids took a few minutes to hear the car which probably means they were sound asleep and perfectly content. Everything looked great. Zucco has a licking problem and fixates on various parts of that couch, we just wash the cushions no biggie. We took naps and now of course they're pretending like they never ate..... what IS it with that game? Divas. LOL! Thank You for taking care of my babies Kathleen! Total thumbs up, you're The Sitter we'll call first!

-Harper Della-Piana

Mr. Orange & Mr. Black

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Kat is the best! When she watches my kitties, I come home to happy, rather than sullen cats. She truly cares about all animals and it shows...I would recommend her to anyone!

-Jane P.

More Praise

Kat has watched our pets numerous times and is reliable, thorough, and very good with my older pets. It is very important to me that she is able to administer pills and accommodate other special needs.

-Beverly Cove Resident